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Home and Office Delivery
The Perfect Choice for Pure Refreshment
Our coolers offer a variety of temperature settings and have a contemporary design that uses less than one square foot of space. Even our bottles have something innovative about them - the no spill tamper evident caps.

  Around the House  
Make richer, better tasting coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate and instant soups.
Improve all your favorite recipes that require water.
Make healthy baby formula more conveniently.
Grow healthier houseplants.
Feed your thirsty pets.
  Around the Office  
Enjoy a healthy alternative to the soda machine.
Make richer, better tasting coffee and tea.
Make instant soups or hot chocolate more conveniently.
Home or Office Bottle Delivery
5 Gallon Purified $6.75 each
3 Gallon Purified $4.50 each
4 oz. Cups (100) $4.00 each
Monthly Crock and Cooler Rental
Crock and Oak Floor Stand $2.50
Crock and Oak Table Stand $2.50
Room Temp Cooler $4.50
Cold/Room Temp Cooler $6.50
Hot/Cold Cooler $12.00
* Minimum order: 2 bottles/28 days
No Spill - Tamper Evident Caps
We've eased the handling, eliminating the splashing and the spills. Because our bottled water features our no spill, tamper-evident top.
It makes changing bottles a snap. Just peel off the adhesive seal and place the neck of the bottle into the cooler.
That's all there is to it. The no spill caps will automatically activate the flow of water from the bottle without spilling a drop.

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